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[Jul. 31st, 2006|11:35 pm]
The All-Holy Shrine to Flut!


[mood |drainedzomgzdead]

So, um, I got really tired of sorting through all the fics in this damned community, because it only displays like, five entries on the first page. Absolutely useless when you want to find that ONE fic. This is for the sake of both the readers of this community and the Hearts of Paradise archive site, if I ever put up the daydreams section.

A COMPILED LIST. And yes, this took forever.

Just a note: The listed characters are just that, main characters, not necessarily the romantic couple. Some of these aren't romantic at all, just fluffy. So nobody freak on me, mmkay? Also, if I missed anything, tell me, and I'll add it in.

I'm doing the authors in the order in which they posted in the archive. Just so people don't think I'm going first because I'm egotistical. Even though I am.

Because Dagas is first anyway. Ha. <3~

Hearts of Paradise-Related Daydreams

Dagas Isa (sphekiko):

Aros/Lana - Atonement's End

Sabryn/Lana - Imperfect Game

Akai Kitsune (fontech):

Zack/Amata - Love in Every Language

Zack/Fei - The Straight Arrow

Zack/Fei - I Recommend Instincts

Eon/Kiri - Innocent Again

Zack/??? - Roaming

Zack/Amata - Ties That Bind

Zack/Rem - If I Never Knew You

Zack/Rem - The Brightest Star

Starhealer (taelow):

Sevarius/Melene - Untitled

y'An/l'Neia - Festival Nights

Eon/Kiri - Birthday Wishes Part I, Part II

Zack/Amata - Sing Me a Song

Zack/Amata - Only Alive

Zack/Amata - Say My Name

Eon/Kiri - The way It Was

Zack/Amata - A Late Night Talk

Jchan (vampydirector):

Sevarius/Zack + implied Zack/Fei - Round 5; Point and Match

Cedric/Fei - Comfort, Epilogue

Megumi (kmegumi2):

Fei/Leona - River of Wine

Fei/Zak + Fei/Meiro - Just For Us

Zack/Fei - For a Friend

Fei/Meiro - Untitled Part I, Part II

Zack/Fei - The Way Things Should Be

Zack/Semai - Memories and Gifts

Zack/Semai - Against a Memory

Arcadia (arcadiasilver):

Kiran/Sabryn - Push

Squeak (squeakchan):

Eon/Kiri - Feral Demons

Eon/Zack - The TALK

Rem-chan (rem_sama):

Zack/Rem - A Human Answer

Zack/Rem - The Name of This Feeling Is...

Kiri/Ark'd - Before We Wake

Other Fandoms

Ari Powwel (caidentity):

Riku/Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) - An Early-Morning Chill

Riku/Kairi - To Swim Alone

Lan/Sairn (Original Fiction... I think...?) - Untitled

Riku/Kairi - Footprints

Squeak (squeakchan):

Roy/Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist) - The Colonel and the 1st Lieutenant

Chrno/Rosette (Chrno Crusade) - The Demon and the Nun

Link/Zelda (The Legend of Zelda) - The Knight and the Princess

Ed/Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist) - At the End

Al/Kitty~ (Fullmetal Alchemist) - Even in the Cold...

Syaoran/Sakura (Tsubasa) - When I Wake Up

Sora/Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) - For You To Smile

Hughes/Gracia (Fullmetal Alchemist) - The Most Perfect Thing

Roy/Riza (FMA) - Remember to Breathe

Dagas Isa (sphekiko):

Auron/Lulu (Final Fantasy X) - To Live and Be Close

Kiru/Iraki (Kingdom Hearts, RSoD-verse) - Putting Together Pieces

Mystery Pairing? (Final Fantasy X) - Doomed Beginnings, Doomed Endings

Zidane/Garnet (Final Fantasy IX) - Between Our Worlds

Kiru/Iraki (Kingdom Hearts, RSoD-verse) - Turning What's Set in Stone

Megumi (kmegumi2):

Delenis/Meiro (Original Fiction) - Of Choices and Obligations

Silu/Semai (Original Fiction) - Atonement

Jack/Sam (Stargate SG-1) - A Side Experiment, Alternate Ending

Ed/Al (Fullmetal Alchemist) - The Price of One Touch

Al/Lindsey (Fullmetal Alchemist) - The Human and the Mouse

Hanabira (myxsilentxcries):

Shino/Hana (Naruto) - Healing

Sasuke/Hana (Naruto) - The Calm in the Storm

Akai Kitsune (fontech):

Zack/Aerith (Final Fantasy VII) - Snowflower

Hojo/Zack (Kingdom Hearts, Blossoms-verse) - Questions of Science

Hojo/Zack (Kingdom Hearts, Blossoms-verse) - Another Day in Paradise

Zack/Aerith (Final Fantasy VII) - Do You Dream of Me

Ed/Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist) - Still Waters

Rem-chan (rem_sama):

Sora/Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) - Kiss Me, Sowa! Part I, Part II

Albel/Fayt (Star Ocean 3) - A Simple Question

Yoshiro/Megumi (Kingdom Hearts, Court of Souls-verse) - Stars and Shadows

Miaka/Amiboshi (Fushigi Yuugi) - Smiling for Me

Original Fiction - Any Day But Christmas

Yoshiro/Megumi (and the Posse!) (Kingdom Hearts, Court of Souls-verse) - Closest to My Heart

The Posse~ (Kingdom Hearts, Court of Souls-verse) - Once Upon a Time

The Posse~ - To Pass the Time

Yoshiro/Megumi (and the Posse!) - Happiness and Forever

Starhealer (taelow):

Sun/Star (Original Fiction?) - The Story of Sun and Star

Zack/Aerith (Final Fantasy VII) - Of Wind and Flowers

DClick (technobubblegum):

Epsilon/Aikaya (Muse... shipping...?) - Situation 1: Attention Deficit

Arcadia (arcadiasilver):

Sora/Kairi - Untitled

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